Effective Program Evaluation (2nd Edition) (Essentials of Principals) by Mardale Dunsworth

Effective Program Evaluation (2nd Edition) (Essentials of Principals)

Book Title: Effective Program Evaluation (2nd Edition) (Essentials of Principals)

Publisher: Solution Tree

ISBN: 1935542907

Author: Mardale Dunsworth

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Mardale Dunsworth with Effective Program Evaluation (2nd Edition) (Essentials of Principals)

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Educators and administrators are increasingly coming to realize the importance of making decisions based on reliable, accurate data. It is not always clear how to gather that data, however, or what to do with the data once collected. This short guide provides a clear and easily implemented blueprint for evaluating academic programs, practices, or strategies.

With examples and clear direction, this resource will guide the reader through a five-step process for systematically gathering, objectively evaluating, and constructively acting on data. Part of the Essentials for Principals Series, this guide provides a framework for transparent, accurate evaluation of current practices and inclusive planning. It includes a step-by-step walkthrough of the program evaluation cycle and an appendix that explains vital concepts and vocabulary in accessible language.


* Explains how to select data-collection strategies that will yield the most useful data

* Considers steps to determining how well a program is aligned with standards and meeting learning goals

* Provides strategies to understand a program or instructional strategy's strengths and identifying ways to address its weaknesses

* Explores how to include a variety of stakeholders in the program evaluation process, ensuring transparency and collaboration throughout